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Exclusive Classification

Among the fingerprint classification approaches proposed by BioLab, it is worth mentioning:

  • Fingerprint classification by means of inexact graph matching;
  • Fingerprint classification using dynamic masks to partition the directional image;
  • Fingerprint classification based on MKL.

In particular, MKL-based classification proved to be a very powerful tool to deal with the fingerprint classification problem. The underlying idea of the approach is to find, for each class, one or more KL subspaces, which are well-suited for representing the fingerprints belonging to the class. These subspaces are created according to an optimization criterion, which attempts to minimize the average mean-square reconstruction error over a representative training set.

In 2002, BioLab published the first fingerprint classification algorithm able to meet the FBI fingerprint classification requirements: the algorithm was based on the combination of multiple MKL-classifiers and achieved 99% accuracy at 17.5% rejection on NIST DB14, thus meeting the FBI requirement (99% accuracy at 20% rejection rate).

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