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  • J. Galbally, J. Fierrez-Aguilar and R. Cappelli, "An Introduction to Fingerprint Presentation Attack Detection", in Marcel, Sébastien, Nixon, Mark S., Li, Stan Z. (Eds), Handbook of Biometric Anti-Spoofing, Springer, 2019. Abstract
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  • E. Lopez-Lopez, C. V. Regueiro, X. M. Pardo, A. Franco and A. Lumini, "Incremental Learning Techniques within a Self-updating Approach for Face Verification in Video-Surveillance", in proceedings 9th Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (IbPria2019), Madrid, pp.25-37, July 2019. Abstract
  • L. Mazzini, A. Franco and D. Maltoni, "Gesture Recognition by Leap Motion Controller and LSTM Networks for CAD-oriented Interfaces", in proceedings 20th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing (ICIAP19), Trento, pp.185-195, September 2019. Abstract
  • M. Ferrara, A. Franco and D. Maltoni, "Decoupling texture blending and shape warping in face morphing", in proceedings International Conference of the Biometrics Special Interest Group (BIOSIG), Darmstadt, Germany, September 2019. Abstract
  • C. Busch, S. Caillebotte, U. Seidel, F. Knopjes, D. Maltoni, M. Ferrara, R.J. Veldhuis, L. Spreeuwers, K. Raja, R. Raghavendra, M. Gomez-Barrero and C. Rathgeb, "Face Morphing Attacks: What needs to be done", in proceedings International Conference on Biometrics for Borders (ICBB), October 2019. Abstract
  • L. Nanni, S. Brahnam and A. Lumini, "Face detection ensemble with methods using depth information to filter false positives", Sensors, vol.19, no.23, pp.1-18, November 2019. Abstract

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