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  (Not available) C. Busch, S. Caillebotte, U. Seidel, F. Knopjes, D. Maltoni, M. Ferrara, R.J. Veldhuis, L. Spreeuwers, K. Raja, R. Raghavendra, M. Gomez-Barrero and C. Rathgeb, "Face Morphing Attacks: What needs to be done", to appear on proceedings International Conference on Biometrics for Borders (ICBB), October 2019.

  (Not available) A. Franco, A. Magnani and D. Maio, "Template co-updating in multi-modal human activity recognition systems", to appear on proceedings 35th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium On Applied Computing (SAC), Brno, Czech Republic, March 2020.

  (Not available) A. Franco, A. Magnani and D. Maio, "A multimodal approach for human activity recognition based on skeleton and RGB data", to appear on Pattern Recognition Letters.

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