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  (Not available) M. Ferrara, A. Franco and D. Maltoni, "Face morphing detection in the presence of printing/scanning and heterogeneous image sources", IET Biometrics Special Issue on presentation attacks on biometric systems, vol.10, no.3, pp.290-303, May 2021.

  (Not available) E. Lopez-Lopez, C. V. Regueiro, X. M. Pardo, A. Franco and A. Lumini, "Towards a Self-sufficient Face Verification System", Expert Systems With Applications, vol.174, pp.114734, July 2021.

  (Not available) G. Borghi, E. Pancisi, M. Ferrara and D. Maltoni, "A Double Siamese Framework for Differential Morphing Attack Detection", Sensors, vol.21, no.10, May 2021.

  (Not available) M. Brighi, A. Franco and D. Maio, "ActivityExplorer: a semi-supervised approach to discover unknown activity classes in HAR systems", Pattern Recognition Letters, vol.151, pp.340-347, November 2021.

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