FOE@BTAS12 is a fingerprint orientation extraction competition based on the FVC-onGoing FOE benchmark area, organized in conjunction with the IEEE Fifth International Conference on Biometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems (BTAS 2012).

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Reliable orientation extraction in low-quality fingerprint regions is an important and very challenging problem, since it is a fundamental prerequisite for a good fingerprint image enhancement. New approaches are often proposed in the literature, but often these algorithms are not systematically and quantitatively evaluated, due to the lack of a fingerprint dataset with associated ground truth information for the local orientations.


FOE@BTAS12 is based on the following benchmark:

Fingerprint orientation extraction benchmark on fingerprints acquired using optical scanners; the ground-truth has been manually marked using an ad-hoc software tool.
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How to participate

All algorithms evaluated under the above benchmark before the deadline specified below, will be included in FOE@BTAS12. Submission and evaluation of the algorithms follow the standard FVC-onGoing rules (see Sumbission and Publication policy).
Note that, in order to be included in FOE@BTAS12, evaluation results must be published by the participants before the deadline.

Deadline (expired)

Algorithms' results must be published on the FVC-onGoing website within April 15th, 2012.


The table below reports the results of the competition (algorithms sorted by Average Error on the Bad Quality Dataset).



  • R. Cappelli
  • M. Ferrara
  • D. Maltoni
  • F. Turroni
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